VeloWino Lesser Poland Highland

Countryside as in the olden days

tour Dates 2022



If you gather a group of at least 5 persons, we will organize the tour at your convenient date.

price & details

Tour type: self-guided (GPX file & a map) / guided optionally (+ 300 PLN).

Duration: 4 days

Start: Zwierzyniecka 30, 10:00 AM, transport to Tarnów, or immediately on the Tarnów Central Train Station

Daily distance: ca. 50 km

Difficulty: intermediate to advanced, cycling paths, asphalt & gravel; plenty of uphill rides, river valleys, hill and mountain ranges.

1180 PLN/person

bike guide: + 300 PLN

bike rental: 150 PLN

bus transport to Tarnów: + 50 PLN

The price includes: nights, breakfasts, picnic & tasting at the Uroczysko Vineyard, tasting at the Rodziny Steców Vineyard, dinner at the Wine Farm Muchówka, tasting & picnic at the Manru Vineyard, tasting at the Chodorowa Vineyard, transport between vineyards and hotels, return transport from Nowy Sącz (we carry luggage and purchases)

The price does not include: purchases at the vineyards, daytime meals

tour description

VeloWino Lesser Poland Highland is a 4-day trip from Tarnów to Nowy Sącz across hilly areas at the feet of Beskid Mountains. We will visit at least 4 vineyards, and some more can be added on request. There is bus assist for bikers (or you can take it all on bus!) and we carry your lugagge.

There will be a chance to shake hands with the winemakers and walk among the vines.

Guides from Winnicomania will tell you the story of Polish wines during a relaxing evening at the Wine Farm Muchówka.

The visits to the wineries will be a chance to fill your wine cellar with extraordinary exotic wine. We will drive your purchases to the hotel – no worries about the transport.


We take you to: Uroczysko Vineyard, Rodziny Steców Vienyard, Manru Vineyard,
Chodorowa Vineyard + additional vineyards on request

Planned attractions:
  • picinc at the Uroczysko Vineyard
  • tasting at the picturesque Rodziny Steców Vineyard
  • a relaxing evening with a tasting & a dinner at the Wine Farm Muchówka
  • a walk and a tasting at the Manru Vineyard
  • tasting at the Chodorowa Vineyard
Tourist attractions:
  • rolling hills of Rożnowskie and Ciężkowickie Highlands – viewpoints and towers
  • Ignacy Paderewski (the Polish pianist) manor at Kąśna Dolna
  • Rock City and a cute market square in Ciężkowice
  • cottages at Mount Jamna 
  • a historic town-pearl of Galicia: Biecz
  • skansen of beekeeping near Bobowa
  • wooden church with a miraculous madonna painting at Krużlowa
  • skansen at Nowy Sączu
At the end, we will drive you, the bikes and the purchases back to Tarnów/Kraków.
Tasting & Dinner Menus
Picinc at the Uroczysko Vineyard:
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • cheese, ham, hummus, bread
Tasting at the Rodziny Steców Vineyard:
  • 4 glasses of wine
  • cheese, olives, bread
Dinner at the Wine Farm Muchówka:
  • aperitif: cheese, ham, bacon pie, salad
  • half a bottle of wine per person
  • warm seasonal meal: we inform about availability together with the reservation; LAMB
  • dessert, coffee, tea
  • lemonade, on special request a selection of Polish wine
Outdoor tasting at the Manru Vineyard:
  • cheese, ham, bread
  • 3 glasses of wine
Tasting at the Chodorowa Vineyard:
  • cheese, ham, bread, olives
  • 3 glasses of wine

Tour plan


We set off from the very Galician city of Tarnów, with a chance to see the historic old town. Country roads will lead us to the Uroczysko Vineyard in Janowice. We will sea the meandering river Dunajec from above and trees like cypresses in Tuscany… After a picnic, we head on to Tuchów to the Rodziny Steców Vineyard, where we celebrate 50 km of the route with a tasting. Bonfire at the nearby hotel will keep our mood high.

Example hotel: Ekosioło, Bistuszowa


From near Tuchów we travel across the mountain tange of Brzanka to the town Biecz: a very Galician pearl. Ice cream on the market square and on we go to Ciężkowice. We can visit a wooden church in Binarowa, sung in poems and beautifully painted. For the evening meal: the Wine Farm Muchówka (a renewed barn and cottage with full infrastructure and a host-sommelier). We will drive you from Muchówka to the hotel, no worries.

Example hotel: manor at Kąśna Dolna.


Ciężkowice will greet us with a friendly market square and the Rock City Reserve full of fantastic rock formations (a 1.5 hr walk). The route leads on to Kąśna Dolna with the Ignacy Paderewski manor (he was a pianist-composer heavily involved in the independence movement during WW1). A tasting at the Manru Vineayard will follow. Later on, we will try our muscles (or simply drive on in a bus – your choice!) on the slopes of Jamna and descend to Bobowa with a skansen of beekeeping and our hotel.

Example hotel: Bartnik Sądecki, Bobowa


We start the day with an uphill ride to the Chodorowa Vineyard, where the hosts will welcome us with aperitif and wine. We then cycle on to Krużlowa and Lipnica with old wooden churches. At the grande finale of the tour we visit the skansen and the artificial Galician Town in Nowy Sącz. 

At the ending, we drive you back to Tarnów or Kraków. You can as well take a train from Nowy Sącz to almost anywhere in Poland, should it suit you better.



“My vineyard is for anyone who loves good views, greenery and Polish tradition. A good place for a picnic is guaranteed, and maybe you’ll think of Tuscany on seeing my poplars…”

Andrzej Haus, Uroczysko Vineyard

“Tuchów has its own Wine Festival – the Tuchovinifest. Come in August. And why so many vineyards here? Lesser Poland Highland is the heat pole of Poland, perfect for wine-growing and with good slopes. Our family vineyard invites! “

Rafał Stec, Rodziny Steców Vineyard

Tour FAQ

what wines will i taste?

Out of a huge number of Highland wines we recommend one jewel: the Gewürztraminer from the Uroczysko Vineyard. You will find the famous Alsatian lychee and the fruity freshness in every glass. Try all the other wines from Uroczysko: Andrzej Haus, the winemaker, names them after Slavic gods and they all fit regional fine hams and cheeses perfectly. 

Is cycling here easy or diFficult?

The routes of Lesser Poland Highland are mostly asphalt. You can cut across fields on gravel and mud roads to get closer to flowers and aromatic meadows. The hilly terrain is perfect for a roadbike or a gravel one. Expect loads of uphill rides – a good stamina is advised.

What is Lesser Poland Highland famous for?

The region was an important war theatre during WW1. Up until today you will find picturesque graveyards of Austrian and Russian soldiers scattered on the hills around Tuchów and Ciężkowice. 

A classic Polish poem from Miron Białoszewski originates in Binarowa, the village with a beautiful wooden church on the UNESCO world heritage list. Try Tomasz the wine guide – he will translate it for you on the fly! 

Biecz, the quaint Galician town from the second day of our trip, is linked to a story of a school of…hangmen. The town was a seat of royal courts and indeed possesed a full-time hangman but the legend of a school might just be a 19th century literary fiction. Want to check it on your own? 😉


what about signposted routes? are there any?

Our VeloWino trail meanders around Tarnów similarly to the EnoVelo route signposted by the local government. Lesser Poland Highland is also famous for its war cemetery trail and the wooden architecture trail. Most of the trails are well designed and easy to follow. You will quickly learn the marking system and enjoy some informational tables.