VeloWino Tenczyn

A Poet’s Castle & A Family vineyard

Dates for 2022

This is a 1-day trip. If you let us know beforehand, we will organize it for you on your convenient date.

See you on the road!

Price & details

Tour type: unguided (GPX file & a map) / optional guide (+100 PLN).

Duration: 1 day

Start: Zwierzyniecka 30, 09:00 AM, your date

Daily distance: ca. 60 km

Difficulty: easy to intermediate; cycle routes, asphalt roads and some gravel.


2 vineyard version: (from 6 persons)
guided – 390 PLN
self-guided – 290 PLN (GPX file)

1 vineyard version:
guided – 310 PLN
self-guided – 210 PLN (GPX file)

bike rental – 60 PLN

The price includes: wine tasting and aperitif in Srebrna Góra Vineyard (the 2 Vineyard Version, starting from 6 persons, depending on the vineyard’s calendar), bonfire dinner and tasting in Zagrabie Vineyard, return transport of bikes, luggage and your buys.

The price does not include: additional wine purchase in the vineyards, extra-menu meals.

Tour description

You are in Krakow for several days. In a winebar, you heard about Polish wines and the topic seems interesting? Join us for an easy riding bicycle trip with wine tasting to 2 vineyards near Krakow. 

We will take you to Srebrna Góra Vineyard – in our version for min. 6 persons.

And also we will visit Zagrabie Vineyard – our basic version, for min. 4 persons.

We will spend a whole day on a picturesque route, visiting the beautiful castle of Tenczyn and riding through a beech forest.

At the end of the day there will be a tasting and a bonfire among vines in Zagrabie Vineyard. There is shelter from the rain in case the weather is worse. 

After the “party”, we will drive you, your bikes and your luggage back to Krakow. You don’t need to worry about transport!

There will be a chance, which is rare in world wine tourism, to meet the winemakers themselves and have a nice walk among vines.

The wineries sell their wine! You will have a chance to buy a Polish Solaris or a Chardonnay for your cellar.

Zagrabie Vineyard, Srebrna Góra Vineyard.

Tourist attractions:

  • Tenczyn Castle in Rudno – an important residence for Renaissance Poland
  • Zimny Dół Gorge with calcite rocks
  • a view to the Tyniec Abbey (early Middle Ages)
  • a view to the Srebrna Góra Camaldolese Monks Abbey (17th c.)
  • a road through an old beech forest
Tasting & Dinner Menu
Srebrna Góra Vineyard Tasting (from 6 persons):
(bread, cheese, ham, olives, water – availability depending on the Vineyard; we will inform
you at the booking)
Bonfire & dinner in Zagrabie Vineyard:
  • 4 glasses of wine from Zagrabie: white, rose, and red
  • aperitif: cheese, ham, local honey, bread, olives, water
  • bonfire dinner: sausages, bread, sauces

Tour itinerary

Day 1

During our 1-day trip, we will ride to vineyards West from Krakow on the Vistula Bike Trail with a view to the Tyniec Abbey. We will cross the Zimny Dół Gorge, the Dulowska Forest, to reach the Tenczyn Castle in Rudno. A visit to this famous Renaissance residence means a beautiful view to the Vistula Valley and some past enchanted in stone. 

We will end the day with a bonfire in the nearby Zagrabie Vineyard. There will be stories about WW2 on these lands and a mysterious gorge linking the vineyard with the winery.

In the evening we will drive you, the bikes, and your luggage back to Krakow with a minibus.

In the 2 Vineyards Version for min. 6 person we will visit the Srebrna Góra Vineyard right at the beginning, on the road to Tenczyn. 


VeloWino Tenczyn Mapa

“The terrain around Rybna, where our vineyard is situated, is full of beautiful views on the Vistula Valley and interesting stories from the past. Watch the photos on the blog by Kinga Kurlit-Heller, she is our local guide. And our white wines will make you happy with their “appleness” – perfect for the summer.”

Marta Polit, Zagrabie Vineyard

“The moment you land in Krakow, there is an impulse to see the surroundings of the city. A beautiful route West, to the landmark Tenczyn Castle, is a perfect solution for your wanderlust. We will prepare every little detail for you!”

Tomasz Steinmetz, VeloWino

What is the story of the Tenczyn Castle trip?

What kind of wines will I be able to taste?

Wines from the Srebrna Góra Vineyard are popular and well-available in wine shops around Krakow. Maybe you know them? Get to know the production methods in their 27 ha vineyard. Our favourite here, are the vitis vinfera single-varietals.

Zagrabie Vineyard means outstanding white wines – Seyval Blanc and Solaris included. Expect an “apply” palette just perfect for tastings on the viewing platform for the Vistula Valley.

Road conditions and terrain?

Our VeloWino Tenczyn is just a few larger uphill climbs near the Dulowska Forest. Most of the route is in the flat Vistula Valley. A trekking or mountain bike will easily be sufficient. Almost all the road is asphalt! A trip good for any level of stamina.

What are the stories about Tenczyn?

The most interesting story is the one of the times of Tenczyn’s greatness – the Renaissance. In the Nobles Republic of Poland, the poet Mikołaj Rej used to dine here, as well as major state officials – chancellors, marshals…Visit the Castle Museum for the whole story.

For climbers, the Zimny Dół Gorge is a perfect attraction. It’s full of calcite rocks that remind you of the sea that covered these lands millions of years ago. 


West from Krakow - where do we go?

Our trip goes along the Vistula River, on its embankments. Further on, we join picturesque routes among hills. Think of Czułówek with a quaint little church. Next, we cross the Zimny Dół Gorge and the Dulowska Forest. There will be shade for hot days. From Tenczyn we cross some hills to reach the vineyard.