VeloWino Trzebnickie Hills

Wrocław, WIne slopes & Craft Beer

Tour Dates 2022

16-17.06.2022 (Corpus Christi weekend)


If you gather a group of at least 5 persons, we will organize a tour at your convenient date.

Price & details

 Tour type: self-guided (GPX file & a map) / optionally guided (+200 PLN) 

Duration: 2 days

Start: Wrocław, Central Train Station, 9:00 AM

Daily distance: 1st day – 60 km, 2nd day – 25 km

Poziom trudności: easy & intermediate, cycling paths, roads, asphalt & gravel

self-guided – 750 PLN

bike guide supplement – 200 PLN

bike rental – 100 PLN

The price includes: tasting & lunch at the 55-100 Vinehyard or L’Opera Vineyard, visit to the 4 Ściany Brewery in Trzebnica, night with breakfast at a local hotel or B&B, tasting at the Moderna Vineyard, lunch picnic at the Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard in Krakowiany, a walk with an alpaca, a visit to a lavender field, luggage & purchases transport 

The price does not include: extracurricular purchases at vineyards, wider menu, daytime meals (we will gladly recommend best choice restaurants).

Tour description

Do you love wine? Each sip is a palette of colourful experience and a call to adventure? With us, you will join wine pleasures with active time on bikes. 

We will take you to extraordinary POLISH wineries on bikes or in a bus, and in a form that you will rarely find in wine tourism in the world: we will see the production process, meet the winemakers themselves and picnic among the vines.

The VeloWino Trzebnickie Hills is a 2-day trip at the gates of Wrocław, with 3 vineyard visits and craft brewery.

We take you to: 55-100 Vineyard or L’Opera Vineyard, Moderna Vineyard, Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard, 4 Ściany Brewery.

There will be a chance to shake hands with the winemaker and walk along the vineyard rows.

Wine guides will tell you the story of Polish winemaking, reveal some secrets of the Lower Silesia region.

The wineries & the brewery will be a chance to fill your wine cellar with extraordinary exotic wine. We will drive your purchases to the hotel – no worries about the transport.

We start the tour at the Central Station of Wroclaw from where we go to the town of Brzeg Dolny – ona a bus or on a train.


  • late lunch and tasting at the 55-100 or L’Opera Vineyard
  • a visit to the 4 Ściany Brewery of Trzebnica
  • tasting at the Moderna Vineyard
  • a walk with an alpaca
  • a lavender field
  • lunch picnic at the Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard 


  • St Hedwig of Silesia Sanctuary in Trzebnica – a key place for medieval Poland
  • German style villages so characteristic of Lower Silesia – brick and once again brick!
  • the manor of Wielka Lipa

We finish the tour nearby the Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard, from where we travel by bus or train to the Central Train Station of Wrocław. 

Tasting & lunch menus

Tasting at the 55-100 Vineyard:

– 4 glasses of wine

– local cheese, bread, olive oil, sandwiches

Tasting at the Moderna Vineyard:

– 3 glasses of wine

– local cheese, ham, bread, olive oil

Lunch picnic at the Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard:

– 3 glasses of wine

– panini, cheese, cake

Tour plan

Day 1 - Wrocław - Brzeg Dolny - Wielka Lipa - Oborniki Śląskie - Trzebnica - Łozina - ca. 60 km

The trip begins with a ride from the Wrocław Central Train Station to Brzeg Dolny. The route follows from there through hills and forests to Oborniki Śląskie and the 55-100 Vineyard (late lunch tasting). You will see German-style houses and the Wielka Lipa Manor on the way.  The next stage is the town of Trzebnica with the 4 Ściany Brewery and the St Hedwig of Silesia Sanctuary. The route ends in Łozina, close to the most hilly part of the Trzebnickie Hills. 

Where we might stay: es8bar, Łozina

Dzień 2 - a circle around Łozina - Moderna Vineyard - Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard - ca. 25 km

The second day involves little cycling and two vineyards. Plenty of open air relax and rich tastings. At the Moderna Vineyard we will walk an alpaca and visit a lavender field. At the Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard we will lunch among the vines and chat with the knowledgeable owner. The day ends with a trip on bus or a train to the Central Station of Wroclaw. There, on a private base, we might dine together, wine guides and guests, and share memories at the craft Brewery Stu Mostów.


VeloWino Wzgorza Trzebnickie Mapa

“Have you ever taken a paved road of 28% slope? There are roads like that just near our Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard. It’s the famous Prababcia pass. My wines include crafty pet-nats and some vitis vinifera Lower Silesian wonders. Be my guests!”

Rafał Wesołowski, Trzebnickie Hills Vineyard

“The surroundings of my vineyard is full of gorges, an abandoned manor and a lavender field. In the nearby Świat Alpak, you can walk an Andean animal on a leash, and in the vineyard there’s always space for a barbecue or to park a camping van. See you soon!”

Nestor Kościański, Moderna Vineyard

The Tour FAQ

What wines will I taste?

Pinot Noir from Rafał Wesołowski will be the king of Trzebnickie Hills reds. The co-regent will be the Regent Barrique from the 55-100 vineyard. Northern Lower Silesia is also good for whites and pet-nats – plenty of them await on the second day of the tour. For a very dense blueberry red, we will go to the L’Opera Vineyard, right near Trzebnica. 

How to move around?

The road infrastructure is mainly asphalt. There are occasional gravel roads and old paved roads (what a beauty they are!). We will choose a comfortable and safe route. It will be comfortable for intermediate bikers, not many uphill rides. You may also choose to go in bus all the way!

What is the history of trzebnickie Hills?

Katzengebirge – the Cat Mountains is the German name of this microregion. Perfect soil and the mildest climate of Poland are key to ages old traditions of winemaking. 

The history of Lower Silesia is visible in each house, where brick and Franconian style village plans rule. Trzebnica will tell you the story of the Middle Ages, when St Hedwig first founded a monastery here and then walked barefoot on the surrounding fields – because she never wanted to show off the riches of a princely family. 

Any trails here?

The Trzebnickie Hills boast many well-signposted trails. There will be spots with asphalt bike paths. Historical paved roads abound and there is plenty of agriculture – the fields are yellow in May… We recommend the portal for navigation. You will find all the paths marked on their maps.