VeloWino JUra 2 days

jurassic terroir & castles

Tour dates 2022

Saturday – Sunday

If you have a group of 5 persons at least, we will organize the tour at your convenient date!

Price & Details

Tour type: self-guided (GPX file & a map) / guided (+200 PLN).

Duration: 2 days

Start: Zwierzyniecka 30, 10:00 AM

Daily distance: ca. 40 km

Difficulty: intermediate, country roads, cycling paths, asphalt and gravel

self-guided: 540 PLN

bike guide: + 200 PLN

bike rental – 100 PLN

The price includes: dinner at the Kresy Vineyard, night with breakfast at a local  hotel / B&B, tasting at the Słońce i Wiatr Vineyard, luggage & purchases transport

The price does not include: additional purchases at vineyards, wider menu

tour description

o you love wine? Each sip is a palette of colourful experience and a call to adventure? With us, you will join wine pleasures with active time on bikes. 

We will take you to extraordinary POLISH wineries on bikes or in a bus, and in a form that you will rarely find in wine tourism in the world: we will see the production process, meet the winemakers themselves and picnic among the vines.

The VeloWino Jura is a 2-day trip at the gates of Krakow, with 2 vineyard visits.

We take you to: Kresy Vineyard, Słońce i Wiatr Vineyard, Zagardle Vineyard (option).

There will be a chance to shake hands with the winemaker and walk along the vineyard rows.

Wine guides will tell you the story of Polish winemaking, reveal some secrets of the Jura Krakowska region.

The wineries & the brewery will be a chance to fill your wine cellar with extraordinary exotic wine. We will drive your purchases to the hotel – no worries about the transport.

Attractions planned:

  • dinner in the classy buildings of the Kresy Vineyard (architecture reminding of Lower Silesia!)
  • Tasting with aperitif in the Słońce i Wiatr Vineyard
  • palaces, manor from the 19th c. – a taste of old Poland

Tourist attractions:

  • Ojców National Park – greenery, river, calcite rocks
  • Eagles’ Nests Trail castles: Korzkiew, Ojców and Pieskowa Skała
  • picturesque hills of the Polish Jura
  • manors of Rzeplin i Cianowice
  • neo-Gothic church of Smardzowice

The trip covers pieces of red trail – the famous Eagles’ Nests Trail that shows the medieval castles on the border of Poland and Silesia.

Tasting & dinner menu
Dinner at the Kresy Vineyard:
  • 4 glasses of wine
  • seasonal soup
  • cheese, ham, bread for starters
  • home-made stew or baked turkey (vegetarian option available!)
  • cake, coffee
Tasting at the Słońce i Wiatr Vineyard:
  • 3 glasses of wine
  • aperitif – cheese, ham, fruit, olives, bread

Tour plan

Day 1

The red trail will lead us out of Krakow. 19th c. forts in Tonie and Pękowice can be visited on special request. Our route leads to Giebułtów (a cute parrochial church) and further on to the Ojców National Park. We will pass plenty of calcite rock monuments, the castle of Ojców and reach the Renaissance Castle of Pieskowa Skała. In the evening, around 6 PM, we arrive at the Kresy Vineyard near Skała for a thorough sightseeing. After dinner, around 10 PM, a bus will take you and your bikes to the hotel.

Day 2

On the second day, the route leads through picturesque hills of Jura Krakowska to the manors of Rzeplin and Cianowice and the neo-Gothic church of Smardzowice. At lunch time we take part in a tasting in the Słońce i Wiatr or Zagardle Vineyard. The last kilometers take us to Korzkiew with its medieval castle adjusted for a hotel and back to Krakow. 


We have plenty of variants of the route at your disposal. Below is just an example. Contact us for details – we will explain the possible options.

Trasa VeloWino Jura 2 dni

“Jura means calcite above all. I love the thought that millions of years ago there was a sea with a lively fauna, and now thanks to that we have a rich subsoil. My wines are meant to give you a taste of the region. Visit us and let’s meet on a dinner and sightseeing. I will tell you the story of Jura from the beginning…”

Robert Zięba, Kresy Vineyard

“My wines is play and work. Our whole family takes part in grooming the vineyard and we are glad to have the ecological Bio certificate. Do come on bikes! We have a fine Leona Millot red – organic and with surprising aromas. We will sit together at the terrace and dream of the beautiful world around.”

Katarzyna Fluder, Słońce i Wiatr Vineyard

Tour FAQ

what wines will i taste?

You must try the amber wines from Robert Zięba, Kresy Vineyard. They are Polish classics and will surprise you with artsy production methods. The red from Robert, called Transfigurato, is proud and barrelled. From the Słońce i Wiatr you will get lighter examples of Seyval Blanc and Solaris.

How to move around Jura?

The region is full of good cycling paths and asphalt country roads. On your route you will ride among fields on asphalt and gravel. The traffic is minimal as long as you keep off the 794 state road to Skała. 

What's the history of the JURA krakowska region?

Jura is rocks above all. It was here that an important trail from Silesia to Lesser Poland ran. The Polish king, Władysław Łokietek, hid here during his conflicts with the Czechs and his son Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) decided to fortify the trail with castles.

It is here that the smallest National Park of Poland reveals beautiful and rare species to us. Plants that love southern slopes (xerophites) grow here abundantly and bats nest in the caves. 

Any trails here?

The Ojców National Park is served by the Eagles’ Nests Trail (the red one) and this is exactly the road we will take to leave Krakow. The trail covers a dozen castles, three of which you will see on VeloWino Jura. Foot trails lead you to the cave where Władysław Łokietek hid one day and to the famous rock shaped as a Hercules’s club.