VeloWino Sandomierz

A trip of orchards & Gorges

Dates for 2022


30.04. – 02.05.2022

If your group is 5 persons at least, we can organize the trip for you on your own convenient dates.


Tour options: self-guided (GPX file & map) | optionally guided (+ 200 PLN)

Write us and we’ll send yoy your route and tell the story of attractions on the way!

Duration: Friday – Sunday

Start: Sandomierz, Nad Jarem Vineyard;

We can organize your arrival from Krakow on Friday evening (+ 70 PLN/person).

Distance: Friday – none, Saturday – 60 km, Sunday – 30 km

Difficulty: intermediate to advanced, bike routes, asphalt & gravel

Variant Standard – 670 PLN

Variant Active Sunday – 770 PLN

bike rental (e-bikes available) – 120 PLN

city-guide in Sandomierz – 120 PLN

bike and persons transport from Krakow – 70 PLN

bike and persons transport back to Krakow – 70 PLN


The price includes: night stay with breakfast in Nad Jarem Vineyard and Płochockich Vineyard, wine tasting in Nad Jarem, Nobilis & Płochockich Vineyards, bonfire dinner at Płochockich Vineyard, sightseeing at św. Jakuba Vineyard, transport of luggage and purchases.

In the Variant Active Sunday: wine tasting in Nadwiślańska Vineyard.

The price does not include: daytime meals, purchases at vineyards, wider menu, optional transport to and from Sandomierz, optional guide, optional bike rental.

Trip Description

If you aim at a visit in a picturesque town with rich wine traditions and landscapes of apple orchards, VeloWino Sandomierz is made for you. We will help you, whether you choose bike or bus as local transport.

The trip has a program covering Friday evening to Sunday evening. On Saturday, you will go to vineyards that surround Sandomierz in a ring (bus or bike) and on Sunday you will have time to spend in the pretty town or add a drive/ride to vineyards with a view to the Wisła RIver.

Cały czas z Wami będzie samochodowa asysta, do dyspozycji rowery elektryczne, by było Wam łatwiej pedałować wśród zielonych wzgórz i dolin. Spotkacie się z samymi winiarzami, pospacerujecie wśród krzewów, zobaczycie produkcję. Będzie nawet kvevri. 

Van assist will be with you all the time, electric bikes are available. You will meet generous vineyard owners, walk among the vines, see wine production and learn some secrets of winemaking. There will even be a kvevri!

Nad Jarem Vineyard, Nobilis Vineyard, Płochockich Vineyard, św. Jakuba Vineyard, Nadwiślańska Vineyard.

Variant Standard:

Friday – night and tasting at the Nad Jarem Vineyard

Saturday – wine route (bus or bike). Nobilis & Płochockich Vineyards.

Sunday – Sandomierz, św. Jakuba Vineyard

Variant Active Sunday:

Friday and Saturday – just as in the Variant Standard

Sunday: bike trip to Nadwiślańska vineyard, Sandomierz city-tour.

The vineyard sell excellent wines – you will have a chance to fill your cellars with delicious Sandomierz wines. No need to worry about transport, we will take care of your purchased loads.

Tourist attractions:

Tasting & Dinner Menu

All vineyards offer at least 3 wine glasses, local cheese, ham, olives, bread and olive oil. At the Nad Jarem Vineyard there will also be homemade cake and seasonal fruit waiting.

Saturday dinner at the Płochockich Vineyard has a traditional bonfire menu: sausages, bread and salad. You will be able to order food from Sandomierz – we will contact you with the catering services. 

Trip plan

Day 1 - Friday

We start the trip with a calm evening in the Nad Jarem Vineyard, right nearby Sandomierz. We can organize your arrival from Krakow. Nad Jarem offers a wine tasting with a buffet, sightseeing and comfortable rooms. You will get a chance for a romantic walk to the famous vinayard bank with lavender…

Day 2 - Saturday

On the second day, after breakfast in the Nad Jarem Vineyard, we set off for an intensive bike/bus ride. Plenty of hills and valleys ahead. The views are magnificent – apple orchards in full bloom (should you come in April/May) and green fields. We will stop for a wine tasting in the Nobilis Vineyard.

The end of the day will bring you rest in the Płochockich Vineyard. A bonfire and a bonfire dinner. You will get a chance to touch the clay kvevri and see the production secrets of one of the best Polish vineyards (try the Burgundy smelling pinot noir…). The night stay is planned just here.


Dzień 3 - Sunday

On the third day, after breakfast at the Płochockich Vineyard, we will return to Sandomierz (bike/bus). The program for Sunday includes sightseeing in the monastery vineyard św. Jakuba (St Jacob’s) and a pleasant walk in the town.

Who prefers the Variant Active Sunday will head on to Nadwiślańska Vineyard in the Pieprzowe Mountains for a view and a tasting. It is wort a try – the nature reserve offers marvellous views to the Wisła River.

We will finish our VeloWino around 2 pm or 5 pm, depending on the Variant.



“Try the Active Sunday Variant and visit our vineyard in the Pieprziwe Mounatins. The view to the Wisła River is superb and we have named our wines after the birds that nest here. There is shelter in case of rain and a chance to see buzzards or storks… Drop by with VeloWino.”

Małgorzata Mamińska, Nadwiślańska Vineyard

“On the Sandomierz Wine Route we are right at the beginning. Nearby there is St Jacobs route to Santiago, Spain running and an ancient mound holds an unknown past… Drop by for a fragrant muscat and a piece of cake!”

Sylwia Paciura, Nad Jarem Vineyard

Sandomierz FAQ

What kind of wines can i taste here?

The varied offer of the Płochockich Vineyard is worth a try. These wines are made with experience and flair. Light rose and whites from the św. Jakuba Vineyard at the Sandomierz Dominican Monastery will taste perfectly with a view to the castle. Muscat from Nad Jarem will satisfy those longing for fragrance and the Cabernet Cortis/Regent blend from the Nadwiślańska Vineyard will show a hint of blueberry.

How to move on bike around sandomierz?

The hills that surround Sandomierz require a good stamina. There is plenty of loess gorges, uphill and downhill rides, so that you will never get bored. It is worth sticking to small roads. Those seeking flat terrain will find excellent rides along the Wisła River. E-bikes are available at special request to make moving around easier.

What is the history of Sandomierz?

The most famous story of the town refers to the Mongol assault of 1241. The Asian warriors pillaged the Dominican Monastery and killed all the monks, saints now. In the cathedral, you will find a series of paintings illustrating these times when Sandomierz was burnt to the ground…

In the 16th century, Sandomierz was famous for religious tolerance. It is here that all the local faiths convened to sign a document on mutual tolerance. If you want to see the building where it took place, join us on our Active Sunday city-tour with a guide!

Any Special routes to follow?

Two trails are worth recommending. One for wine-lovers and the other for those who prefer landscape and apple-juice…

They circle the city conveniently and are very well represented on their respective webistes. Most of the wine route you will cover with us, on VeloWino Sandomierz! And apple juice waits in the Nobilis Vineyard, where apples are equally appreciated as grapes.