10 best wine events in Poland in 2023

Stoliki w Winnicy

Written by Nika Shevela


Poland is a great destination to visit year-round, but some months are particularly grape fun, with a variety of exciting wine events taking place all over the country, from Zielona Góra to Lesser Poland. Major wine trade fairs, outdoor wine festivals and even wine picnics all feature in our pick of unmissable dates for every Polish wine lover. 

1. Winobranie Wine Festival, Zielona Góra

Every year, the town of Zielona Góra in the Lubuskie region hosts the Winobranie wine festival during the first week of September. This vibrant celebration, which translates as ‘Vintage festival,’ sees the patron mythical god of the city, Bacchus, receive the keys to the capital. The streets come alive with live music shows, open-air games, and sports events. Special wine buses run between the town and the major vineyards, offering a chance to meet the winemakers. 

First week of September, https://winobranie.zgora.pl/

Bachus Zielona Góra

2. Święto Młodego Wina, Sandomierz

In the southeast of Poland, the charming town of Sandomierz is home to Święto Młodego Wina, an annual festival that celebrates the ‘young wine,’ or ‘wine of the year.’  It marks the culmination of a year’s work for the region’s vineyards. The city’s top restaurants offer festival menus and special wine offerings, each showcasing a local wine producer. Visitors can even get a ‘wine tourist passport’ and a map of the Sandomierz Old Town with the top wine spots to explore.

Second or third week of November, https://www.sandomierskiszlakwiniarski.pl/index.php/swieto-mlodego-wina-sandomierz.html

Zamek w Sandomierzu

3. Piknik kwitnącej winorośli, Sandomierz

If you’re looking for more wine-related events in Sandomierz, you won’t want to miss the Piknik kwitnącej winorośli, or the ‘Blooming vine festival.’ This two-day event in early June is an excellent opportunity to sample local flavours on the premises of one of the vineyards along the Sandomierz Wine Route, that kicks off with a concert and a wine-filled picnic. At VeloWino, we are happy to help you organise a trip to this land of orchards and gorges. 

Early June, https://www.facebook.com/sandomierskiestowarzyszeniewiniarzy

Piknik Kwitnącej Winorśli

4. Festiwal Otwartych Winnic, Sandomierz

For a full immersion into this storied Polish wine region, head to Sandomierz on the first weekend of May for the Festiwal Otwartych Winnic, or the ‘Open wineries festival.’ This event is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts, with buses running from the town to the region’s main vineyards, where you can enjoy tastings, tours, and more. The festival takes place during a long weekend in Poland.

First weekend of May,  https://www.sandomierskiszlakwiniarski.pl/

Sandomierz kościół św. Jakuba

5. Dni Wina, Jasło 

Every day is a wine day in our book, but the town of Jasło in the Subcarpathian region has come up with an official excuse for some extra indulgence every August. A popular Dni Wina, ‘Wine Days’, festival offers visitors a chance to discover delicious local – and international – wines and gastronomy from the cradle of the modern Polish winemaking revival. Jump on a ‘wine train’ from Kraków from Jasło, with wine served on board, and get ready for a weekend filled with music, workshops and tastings. 

Last weekend of August, https://www.dniwina.pl/

Jasło - Wina

6. Święto Wina, Janowiec

Tradition meets modernity at the Święto Wina festival in Janowiec, a wine capital of the Lesser Poland Vistula Valley. Virtually all the region’s winemakers take over the town’s atmospheric castle for a one-day extravaganza of historic reenactments, folk music shows and regional food and wine tastings.

Last weekend of May, https://www.winnicempw.pl/


7. Festiwal Wina Pomorza Zachodniego, Szczecin

Festiwal Wina Pomorza Zachodniego is another castle affair, taking place in the courtyard of the Renaissance Ducal Castle in Szczecin, Western Pomerania. As well as street food and wine stands, this bustling event features a diverse cultural programme, including live music and lectures on wine culture and wine tourism.  

Third weekend of May, https://zamek.szczecin.pl/


8. Pstrąg Ojcowski near Kraków

The small, yet mighty Ojcowski National Park in Lesser Poland is home to the renowned trout farm in Ojców, where Ojcowski trout is bred naturally in ponds, fed with the crystal-clear waters of the 17 Jurassic springs. Pair this award-winning delicacy with local Jura wines and the dramatic limestone rock formations of the region. VeloWino organises a two-day trip to explore this geographic and geologic gem of the country.

All year round, https://pstragojcowski.pl/en/

Winnica Kresy Beczki

9. Muśnięci, Krosno Odrzańskie

Celebrate all things fizz by visiting Muśnięci, the Polish sparkling wine festival in Krosno Odrzańskie in western Poland. After the triumphant success of its first edition, it comes back this year to showcase the finest Polish bubbles, gathering top sparkling wine producers from across the country. 

8-9 July 2023, https://www.facebook.com/musnieci/

Krosno Odrzańskie

10. Festiwal Otwartych Piwnic, Zielona Góra

Festiwal Otwartych Piwnic, Festival of Open Vineyards and Cellars, in Zielona Góra is a rare opportunity to explore the town’s rich history by visiting its historical wine cellars and sampling some of Lubuskie’s top wines. From cellars dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries to those opening their doors to visitors for the first time ever, the festival is an unmissable date for every Polish wine lover.

First weekend of May,  https://visitzielonagora.pl/wydarzenia/lubuski-festiwal-otwartych-piwnic-i-winnic/

Zielona Góra - Winobranie


Zielona Góra – Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych via Flickr, fot. Mariusz Cieszewski
Sandomierz – Jakub Pokrywka via Wikimedia Commons
Jasło – Silar via Wikimedia Commons
Janowiec – Fallaner via Wikimedia Commons
Krosno Odrzańskie – Merlin via Wikimedia Commons


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