Wine Bar Tour in Krakow

Tour Dates

KrakoWino lasts around 3 hours. If you let us know earlier, we will go on the tour at your conevenient date. 

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We start from 2 persons!

See you in Krakow!

Price & Details

A guided tour of Krakow winebars where we taste Polish wine only!

3 winebars. A walk. 5 glasses of wine. Aperitif. Optional pastrami/zapiekanka! 

Start: 17.00, Winosfera Winebar, Plac Szczepański.

Winebar Winosfera or Winebar Dzikie Wino na Kleparzu, Winebar Dzikie Wino, Enoteka Kazimierz.

Price: 290 PLN per person.

The price includes: 5 glasses of wine, wine guide, aperitif and countless stories of Polish wine!

The price does not include: evening meal – however, we recommend the excellent pastrami at “Pan Broda” or a zapiekanka inb the Old Town. We can stop there during the walk!

tour Description

You’re looking for a starter to Polish wine? Visiting Krakow and no idea for an evening? Or maybe you want to check out the best winebars in town with precious drinks offer?

KrakoWino is just the way for you. We will guide you to 3 winebars around Krakow. The guides are old winebar-goers and travelled to hundreds of Polish vineyards to bring their stories to you.

We will tell the story of each bottle and its maker. You will be invited to a plethora of historical interesting facts about wine in Poland shared over a glass of Rondo in a cozy Kazimierz winebar.

We will stop for a perfect pastrami in the Jewish Quarter or for a meal of your choice. The evening will include a walk and in the end we will render you into arms of nightly Krakow.

Tomasz & Bartek, your guides, have years of experience in Polish wine and guarantee to bring fun to you and your friends. We don’t wear ties to drink wine and don’t look for Burgundian chique – it’s a friendly tour with plenty of simple joy! 

Winebars sell bottles of Polish wines – you will have a chance to fill your cellar back home with interesting purchases.

Tasting menus
  • We will order a plate of cheese and hams. Let us know, if you prefer vegetarian.
  • We will taste minimum 5wines from Polish vineyards. We will adjust the set to your ideas – whether you want an introductory one or a special dedicated one, it’s no problem.
  • Expect those wineries: Wzgórz Trzebnickich, Mickiewicz, Amonit, Wieliczka, Kresy, L’Opera, Płochockich and many more…

Ask us about an individual plan of tasting. We will choose something especially for you!  

Tour Plan

Start: 5 pm, Winosfera Winebar, Plac Szczepański

For a start, we will try Polish wines from Winnica Turnau in the Winosfera winebar – we will get to know each other over a glass of the classic.

During the tour, we will enter the delightful patio of Kamienica pod Baranami – the Dzikie Wino winebar. There we will try at least two Polish wines from their dozen or so bottles.

Continuing along Grodzka and Sarego streets, we will reach Kazimierz, where there will be time for a larger snack. For example, in the pastrami at “Pan Broda” near Plac Wolnica. We can also stop for a quick snack at other takeaway restaurants – we suggest that there are great zapiekankas on the road in Sienna Street, and at Plac Wolnica they serve delicious margherita pizza.

The next wine visit is to Enoteka Kazimierz, where we will be hosted by Robert Zięba from Winnica Kresy. These wines are a Jurassic treasure, and among them there are medal-worthy ambers…

We end the tour in Kazimierz around 7:30 p.m., but who said the evening shouldn’t last?… We invite you to have fun together, also after the tour, Tomasz and Bartek will tell you about life in Krakow.

“Over 10 years of experience in Polish wine tells me one thing: we are moving towards the better. There is no shortage of interesting vineyards in Poland, and their bottles are increasingly available in our wine bars. This is what we want to use to take you on a journey into the small but fascinating world of wine between the Oder and the Bug rivers.”

Tatiana Mucha, Winnicomania

“Krakow is a city where life is vibrant. We know that. But what if we added a story for wine travelers about a glass of Polish Pinot Noir? Meet people for whom the wind in their hair and the sparkling glass of glasses determine the rhythm of the year. Krakow is their wine home. This is what KrakoWino is – a meeting with people and wine. En route!”

Tomasz Steinmetz, VeloWino

Tell me about Krakow winebars…

What wines will we taste at KrakoWino?

The wines we will try will come from all over Poland, with a special emphasis on Małopolska, Lesser Poland – after all, we tour in Krakow! We’ll start with whites and roses, there will be interesting wines from the North and unexpectedly good ambers. Those who want to get to know wine Poland will receive a good introduction, and those who want to delve deeper and try something interesting can arrange an individual tasting plan with us. Just ask us!

How will we move?

We will cover the entire route to KrakoWino on foot. It’s a short distance between the Old Town and Kazimierz, perfect for a story on the way.

We will be able to take an Italian passeggiata or a Spanish paseo through the streets of Krakow – the pace will be unhurried.

What stories are told during KrakoWino?

Wine in Poland has a centuries-old history. It will be about the first monks from the deep Middle Ages who needed sacramental wines. It will be about the power of Hungary and the evil Swedes.

And above all, each bottle will reveal the individual story of each winemaker. We will be happy to tell you about them.

In addition, and perhaps above all, we will be pleased with your stories, your tastes and your vineyard memories – let’s become a group of wine friends!

Can I order outside the tour menu?

Of course! Our winebars have no shortage of interesting bottles and snacks. There is always an opportunity if you want to change, select or add something – our spontaneous tour menu will be available for you at winebar prices.